Sunday, June 28, 2015

Pride In London...

Oh My G-A-Y! Blessed with the perfect weather and, frankly, a PERFECT crowd cheering from both sides of the street. I had a BLAST at this year's Pride in London! Around 30,000 people turned out for the biggest ever London Pride event yesterday, defying terror threats and taking to the streets of the capital. Apparently the family of the world famous code-breaker Alan Turing who was prosecuted for his homosexuality joined the march which saw more than 250 different groups taking part in the parade too!

As I mentioned in my previous post, instead of doing stewarding, I was walking in the parade this year, and the whole experience felt so much different. Although I didn't manage to see all the groups in the parade, I was overwhelmed by the love and support of the thousands who lined the parade route, cheering us (the marchers) on. Honestly, proud is an understatement! And of course, I ended up partying in Soho with all my friends after the parade was over =]

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Happy Pride...

Yay, today is PRIDE LONDON! This year I'll skip my stewarding for once and join the parade with GMI Partnership, an organization I signed up recently to provide outreach and testing services to gay and bisexual men living, working or socialising in London. Happy Pride everyone and remember all you need is LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

Love Wins...

Wow! On Friday, 26 June 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that same-sex marriage is a legal right across 50 States of the United States. It means the 14 states with bans on same-sex marriage will no longer be able to enforce them.

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to our LGBT brothers and sisters across the Atlantic! Your constitutional right has now been affirmed =]

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Meow Wow...

OMG! I accidentally came across this cute kitten face swim brief by Slick It Up and I absolutely LOVE it! Can someone PLEASE buy it for me?! PLEEEASE?

Slick It Up, a raunchy NYC-based brand that sells men's underwear, active wear and fetish wear. What I like most about this brand is how fun it is. Slick It Up doesn't take itself too seriously, as the commercial above shows, and they sell just about everything. Definitely check it out but make sure to have an open mind =]

Saturday, May 30, 2015

I'm Still Alive...

Hello guys, I'm sorry for being absent for two weeks or so. A friend and I had a wonderful holiday in Iceland and I'll upload some photos soon! Until then, have a nice weekend everyone!

Thursday, May 14, 2015


Hmm, actually, this is kinda true, at least for me. Anyway, hope you all enjoy my latest collection of aww-worthy images carefully hand-picked by me for you =]

Friday, May 08, 2015

Britain Has Spoken...

I'm normally not the political type but yesterday I cast my first UK vote to the Labour party in my constituency. And despite the Conservatives won the majority nationally with 331 out of 650 seats, I was glad that my local Labor MP held his constituency with 28,654 (67.3%) votes ahead of Conservative candidate on 5,090 (12%).

Anyway, the British public has spoken, I wish David Cameron the best of luck for the next 5 years and I hope he'll keep his pledge to lead a government for 'one nation' and make 'Great Britain greater'!

Wednesday, May 06, 2015


There's no doubt that Sia's Chandelier is one of the most ubiquitous music videos of the year, all thanks to Maddie Ziegler, its wig-bearing, nude-leotard-wearing dancer. And guess what?! Saturday Night Live host Jim Carrey and cast member Kate McKinnon had exactly that thing on their mind, as they both showed up to a costume contest with the moves to match on a recent episode. Prepare to laugh your ass off :D

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Ginger Daddy...

Some mornings are dreary, and some are awfully pretty.

Today, I woke up to a stunning view. The curtains over the big windows blocked out most of the night, but since my Daddy needed to see what was out there, he had pulled the curtains back enough to let in some brilliant sun. And there he was, standing there, all curves and beef, lit up and looking gorgeous.

He must have been cold because he had put on a shirt that covered him to his thighs. Those massive thighs I'm used to feeling against my chin. The calves I'm used to feeling in my hands. And the rest of him that usually lies next to me. I reached over to his side of the bed, felt it cold, and wondered what he'd been doing all his time.

He leaned forward to see more, and the shirt lifted up a bit, showing that spot where his ass cheeks met his thighs. I couldn't help myself. I grunted when I saw it, and he turned around.

"Shit. I woke you." His voice still surprises me. It's not the bass rumble you imagine when you see a beefy Daddy walking towards you, but it never sounds anything but comfortable and solid.

"It's alright," I say, "I like it when you wake me up with views like this." His face breaks into a smile.

"Ohhh, you mean THIS?" He turns, looking at me over his shoulder, reaching back with his hands to pull the shirt a little bit higher. I see those thick globes appear, blond fuzz visible in the morning light. Fuzz all the way up the curve to the tuft of hair in the small of his back. I can't help it. My cock stirs, and Daddy watches it lift the bed sheet.

"It's so easy to get you started." He crosses over with a growl, reaches down to grip my thickness in his meaty hand, and starts to squeeze it. I whimper and grunt and groan. "And so easy to manhandle too."

He strokes my cock through the bed sheets, looking me in the eye, biting his lip as my eyes roll around and my mouth hangs open. I can feel my balls churning, feel my cockhead starts to leak. "Damn, Daddy," I groan, "You are getting me going."

"That's how I like it," he growls back at me. He reaches with his free hand, lifts his shirt tail up, leans forward, letting me see the full curve of his buns. I reach out with my hand and grab a handful. "That's right, boy. Get your fill."

I do. I palm his butt cheek. It's bigger than my hand, much bigger, but when I squeeze, it squeezes back. I give it a pat, watch it shake just the slightest before the muscle in it holds it still. I run my hands through the fuzz, stretching out for the crack, wanting to feel hairs in between his buns. Daddy moans a bit as I manhandle his ass, his fists tightens more, my dick pulsing in his hand.

I reach the crack, and Daddy moves a little closer, turns his body enough that I can reach a finger into crack, dig around for hole. I feel wetness and my eyes find Daddy's eyes. They look back at me, pretty blues in a ruddy face, surrounded by soft gingery fur.

"I still got some of you in me, Boy." My dick throbs ever hard. I groan loudly. Daddy pulls his hand off and leans down to smelt precum on the bed sheet and says:

"But I always want more."

Guilty Pleasure...

I always enjoy Davey Wavey's interviews. Hitting us with humour to make a serious point, and holding a mirror up to the gay community. And Steve Grand's little hairy forest around his nipples is everything!

To find out more of Steve and his music CLICK HERE. His debut album All-American Boy is out now and my favourite tracks are Better Off, All-American Boy and Red, White and Blue.

Take Me Captain...

Here's a belated post about Avengers: Age of Ultron, which I went to see a few days ago. Oh boy, it's pretty damn gooooood! And honestly, how tight can Captain America's (played by Chris Evans, who by the way is also my damn gorgeous husband) shirt get?!

Anyway, I do agree with some critics (which is overly positive) that it doesn't have the charm of the first one, because the first one is really the first of its kind, but it's still fun. Lots of humour, action, and Ultron is kinda a cool villain. Overall, the story is 'darker' and more personal.


Friday, May 01, 2015

Friday, April 24, 2015

Fire Meet Gasoline...

For the first time, Sia video regular Maddie Ziegler is absent from the video for her latest single Fire Meet Gasoline, instead Pedro Pascal and Heidi Klum step in and prove more than adequate replacements.

The sexy Game Of Thrones bisexual Prince and the not-so-sexy German model/designer/presenter play lovers in the clip, although there's more to their story than it seems. While at first it appears that we are seeing a fairly standard love story unfold, things rapidly take a darker turn.

To be honest, I'm not entirely sure what went down, but I'd go on the run with Pedro Pascal and Heidi Klum any day without thinking twice!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Guilty Pleasure...

April 23 is Saint George's Day and what's best to celebrate the National Saint's Day of England than showcasing a tall, hairy, and very muscular English lad from English Lads!

21-year-old Tom Hardy (do not mix him up with the equally smoking HOT English actor Tom Hardy) has a handsome, young looking face on a super-fit body that makes you think he would be mid-twenties!

And yes, he might be slightly shy to begin with, but a few complements from the cameraman soon has him way more comfortable, and luckily for you, the less he has on, the more comfortable he becomes!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Yet Another Profile...

"Hi there! I'm mainly here to chat and make friends. And (YES) I'm also looking for nice guys especially foreigners visiting the city who wanna enjoy some local treats, so surprise me because we could make magic! Köszönöm x"

Hmm, I love magic and I'm always up for some local treats =]

Monday, April 20, 2015

From Russia Without Love...

Tonight I watched an insightful documentary on BBC3 called Reggie Yates' Extreme Russia: Gay and Under Attack and it really gave me the urge to make this post and express my point of view.

We all know how backward Russia is when it comes to gay rights, they can't hold hands or kiss in public, to host a gay event, to protest about gay rights, to get married or to have children.

Yes, I can still kinda accept all these, but to hear a Russian homophobe publicly saying being homophobic is beautiful and natural, and willing to stone a gay person to death?! Now that's just WRONG in all levels!

Honestly, why so much hate? I really don't see what gays have done to deserve this type of discrimination. To me, a gay person is still a person made of fresh and blood, and he/she is absolutely NO different from the homophobes themselves, but sadly is treated like trash worse the trash.

Their excuses? They FEAR of losing the collective masculinity and their Russian traditional identity and be colonised because of a 'western-imported' gay culture.

Well, let me tell you all Russian homophobes - the real strength of a culture lies in its ability to merge and transform all outside influences in an original, unique way. Take the positive aspects of anything that is imported and leave out the rest!

P.S. To all my Russian readers (I know you guys are out there), be safe and may God bless you all xxx

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Get On Your Knees...

I came across this weird, yet interesting game called Hurt Me Plenty. Developed by Robert Yang, an indie game developer based in New York, Hurt Me Plenty is a game designed to challenge such simplistic views to interactive sex. It places the player (me) in the dominant role of a BDSM relationship, allowing you to spank the heck out of a beefy, hairy hunk until he says a safe word. Unfortunately, I missed the whole safe word thing, in which I supposed to stop, and continued to spank him vigourously back and forth until all of a sudden he collapsed...

Now, here's what the game surprised me. I thought I'd reach a credits screen and the game would be over and asked to play again. Instead, this beefcake sat with his back to me. I was instructed to use the mouse to rub his back and comfort him. For a moment I felt a surge of guilt within me as he pointed out that he'd said the safe word 14 times! Honestly, I wasn't really paying attention to that, but 14 felt monstrous.

Moments later, a countdown timer came onto the screen. I learned that I'd been locked out of the game for 14 days as a cool-off period in our relationship, in which my 'partner' exerted his rights to no longer deal with me :(

What I like about Hurt Me Plenty is the unspoken message behind it, even in this simplistic, three-scene game, is the implication that sex can emotionally hurt someone, even when you think you are just having fun. And now look who is being punished? Moi, and I'm sorry.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Gay Royal Wedding...

Channel 4 has made the prophecy that UK will see a Royal gay couple tie the knot by 2120. Damn, I need to start planning on what to wear!

In a futuristic advert to promote All 4, their new on-demand service, the broadcaster predicted that there will be an alien chat show Alien Carr’s Chatty Man, a reality drama Genetically Engineered in Chelsea, a robotic Grand National, and a C4 News coverage of a Royal gay couple celebrating their wedding by kissing on THE famous East Front balcony of Buckingham Palace!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

How'd You Spend £5...

A friend shared this on her Facebook the other day, but 'Faithful' would have cost her £3, so I went for a modified gay version that won't leave me totally out of options. Well, not cheating seems to be worth less for gays anyway, plus the original prices were made for straight women.

For me, he's gonna be faithful (£2), smart (£1), and have a great body (£2). Honestly, if he's really smart, all the rest should follow, right?

Sunday, April 12, 2015

I'm Thrilled By...

Summer seemed to have arrived for London and today my friend and I saw Thrill Me: The Leopold & Loeb Story at the Greenwich Theatre.

It's based on the 1920s true story of about-to-be law students Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb and the twisted relationship that existed between them as they searched for the ultimate thrill. Their secret agreement of satisfying each other's needs took a darker turn though as the crimes got more serious in order to make the thrills bigger, culminating in the 'perfect crime' - the murder of a 14-year-old boy in 1924. But soon their perfect crime unraveled due to a careless mistake. Or was it so careless?

My verdict? I LOVED IT, especially the stunning performances of its two male leads and the lack of emphasis on their homosexuality, it's just a given, no fuss made, making one realise how rare that's in depictions of gay men. At the same time, it showed how an 'unconditional' love could turn into something dark, obsessive and losing one's mind in it.

Overall, a gripping tale of obsession and devotion gone too far, with an atmosphere and storyline which certainly did thrill me!